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How much do bail bonds cost?

Fees for bail bonds are generally restricted by law and will usually be a certain percentage of your overall bail bond amount (often 10% of the bail…

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What is an indemnitor?

The person who agrees to pay back your bail bond is referred to as the indemnitor. This person is agreeing to indemnify our bail agent against a…

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How does a bail bond work?

Your bail amount will be determined by the local court jurisdiction following your arrest. Usually, a family member, close friend, or other loved one…

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How is bail determined?

The amount of your bail is determined by a judge or magistrate. Many factors are considered when determining this amount, including the nature and…

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What’s a bail bond?

Your bail bond is the legal document presented to the court to secure your release from jail, guaranteeing that you’ll appear at all required…

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